Stains & Other Marks or Spots

Stains or unwanted discolouration on carpets or upholstery such as red wine, tea/coffee, soft drinks, tomato sauce, soot or curry.

We can remove over 95% of these annoying stains effectively and without damage to your soft furnishings.

Marks or foreign matter adhering to soft furnishings such as bluetack, grease, shoe polish or chewing gum.

Again, the vast majority of these marks can be removed leaving no trace left on your soft furnishings.

The sooner we can get to work the better the outcome so call as soon as the accident happens.


Odours or unwanted smells which sometime come with stains and physical contaminants such as urine, faeces, vomit, blood,pets and waste food.

We will treat the stain then apply an odour netraliser to remove the cause of the odour eliminating the source of the problem.

Through the use of odour neutralisers, urine neutraliser, anti-bacterials and enzyme treatments we can literally eat away the contamination and leave a pleasant smell in its place.

Act fast by calling CarpetClean as soon any incidents happen.

Emergency Carpet and Upholstery First Aid for Accidents and Incidents

Firstly don't panic. Blot any spillages with kitchen roll or a clean towel. Then with a sponge or towel dampened with water further blot spillage working from the outside inwards and blot again with more kitchen roll or a dry towel. This will take time but it is worth doing.

For any remaining discoloration spray lightly with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of white vinegar (not brown malt vinegar), 1 teaspoon of woolens washing liquid and 300ml of warm water (for blood stains use cold water). Blot and repeat until no further improvement is seen.

Remember do not rub or scrub, use a blotting action only. Do not flood red wine stains with white wine as this will only make the stain larger and call a professional as soon as possible to remove the remaining stain. With most stains speedy action will improve the chances of removal.