Carpet Cleaning Questions

Question: Do I need to vacuum before you arrive?

Answer: You can never vacuum to often. If you wish to be helpful and vacuum the carpet before we arrive, feel free to do so but we may do it again if we feel it is needed.

Question: Do you move all the furniture?

Answer: We ask that small and breakable items such as, ornaments, lamps, side tables, etc, are moved to safety before we arrive. We will move items such as sofas, small drawers, dining tables and any other unbreakable objects. We do not move televisions, stereo units, pianos, full side boards, full wardrobes, full bookcases etc, empty units may be moved by prior arrangement where extra technicians can attend, at additional cost. If unsure ask us to visit before hand and get a free inspection.

Question: How long will the carpet take to dry?

Answer: There are a lot of factors influencing this; level of soiling, carpet type, time of year, weather conditions, ventilation, etc. Typical drying time is around 2 hours but circumstance may reduce or lengthen that time.

Question: What chemicals do you use.

Answer: All our cleaning solutions are manufactured from safe, biodegradable, natural plant extracts and minerals. Everything is designed to leave no residue on carpets or upholstery and return everything to a neutral PH level.

Question: Do you offer discount prices?

Answer: Some carpet cleaning companies publish prices far higher than customers will pay and then offer permanent large discounts to bring them down to more realistic prices. We think this unnecessary marketing hype. We quote a realistic and affordable price for each customer based on the carpets to be cleaned, the work involved and the time taken. No big discounts just fair prices.